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Send Us Your Commemorations

This coming Saturday we’ll be celebrating our first Divine Liturgy in Rolla. At such a rare occasion, it’s especially important to remember everyone who has been involved in the process of bringing the mission to fruition. A beautiful element unique to the Orthodox Church is this remembrance of all the saints, both living and departed, at the Eucharist. If you would like to be remembered at the first Divine Liturgy, or have others you’d like for us to remember, please either send us an email with the names included, or print out the commemoration list below to be filled out and mailed to us at:

St. John the Wonderworker Mission
4200 S. Holiday Ave
Springfield, MO 65810


commslips-thumb Commemoration Slips
Download an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of four commemoration slips to print.

How important commemoration at the Liturgy is may be seen in the following occurrence:

Before the uncovering of the relics of St. Theodosius of Chernigov, the priest-monk (the renowned Starets Alexis of Goloseyevsky Hermitage, of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, who died in 1916) who was conducting the re-vesting of the relics, becoming weary while sitting by the relics, dozed off and saw before him the Saint, who told him:

“I thank you for laboring with me. I beg you also, when you will serve the Liturgy, to commemorate my parents” — and he gave their names (Priest Nikita and Maria).

“How can you, O Saint, ask my prayers, when you yourself stand at the heavenly Throne and grant to people God’s mercy?” the priest-monk asked.

“Yes, that is true,” replied St. Theodosius, “but the offering at the Liturgy is more powerful than my prayer.”

– From a sermon given by St. John of San Francisco & Shanghai, Wonderworker

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