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Received: Altar Tabernacle & Lampadas

On Friday last week we received a beautiful altar tabernacle from Fr. Daniel Mathewson and Nativity of the Theotokos Orthodox Church in Coaldale, PA. Fr. Daniel messaged us a couple months ago after he saw the website and asked if we could use one – we’re thrilled to receive it as they are normally upwards of $1500!

The tabernacle is a container that sits on the altar table specifically used to reserve the Eucharist for times of emergency, such as visiting the sick.  Historically, as in the ancient days of Israel, “the Tabernacle was the earthly dwelling of God, where the Ark of the Covenant was housed. Therefore, the ancient Tabernacle prefigures the tabernacles used today in Orthodox worship. In early Christianity presbyters and even lay people took [the Eucharist] to their homes in order to give it to the sick and others unable to attend the celebration.”  Learn more at orthodoxwiki.org.

Additionally, we also received five hanging lampadas from Theophan Mackey and Elijah’s Mantle at St. Tikhon’s Seminary.

We’re continually overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and desire for the mission effort to take root. We still have several items on our wish lists, including a Gospel cover, Orthodox Study Bibles, and STS Liturgy books. If you or your parish have these items or anything else you would like to recycle to us, please contact us to let us know. (We can write you a tax receipt for any items or donations sent.)

Thank you!

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