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St. Thomas Parish

Eastern Orthodox Christian Spirituality is, in simple terms, participation with God’s saving grace through the everyday activity of life in communion with God. So for Orthodox Christians, as Archbishop Hilarion says, “there is no separation between theology and spirituality, between dogma and personal experience, between faith and prayer. All of them form together a single, undivided whole.” 

The beginning of St. Thomas dates back to 1978. The parish went through periods of activity followed by long lapses until 1989 when regular monthly services began with supply priests from St. Louis and Kansas City. The frequency of these services increased to twice a month by 1994 as the congregation grew.

“We have grown enough now to where we are able to hold regular services every week: Liturgy for Feast Days, Vespers and Matins, as well as catechumen classes during the school year. We host an annual Greek Festival every September that has introduced the Orthodox Church to thousands of people in the area.  We are working toward building a parish hall, beautifying the temple, and sponsoring this mission plant in Rolla.”

St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church
4200 S Holiday Ave.
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 882-2789