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Fr. Christopher

Fr. Christopher Maciolek

Role: Hired Orthodoxy in Rolla to design a website (threeholyhierarchs.org)

Bio: Fr. Christopher Maciolek was born and raised in Minnesota, the “Land of Sky-Blue Waters.” Though his family came from various religious backgrounds, he was raised a Lutheran; however, unstable doctrine eventually drove him to seek out the Church founded on the Rock of Christ. He discovered that Church while studying early church history in college and converted to Orthodox Christianity at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in St. Paul in 2001 along with his wife-to-be, Gretchen.

In 2006, Fr. Christopher, Gretchen, and their two children, packed up their belongings in a 5×8 trailer and headed to St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania where they lived for the next four years – adding two more children to their family. In 2010, with the blessing of Archbishop +Job, he was ordained to the holy priesthood and returned to Minnesota and was “attached” to St. Herman’s Orthodox Church in Minneapolis and also assisted two other Minnesota missions.

In a similar effort to “Orthodoxy in Rolla,” Fr. Christopher and his family moved to the beautiful city of Northfield, MN in an attempt to found an Orthodox Christian community in an area where no formal attempt had been undertaken by any Orthodox jurisdiction. In 2012, by the grace of God, a Mission Outreach formed under the patronage of the Three Holy Hierarchs and the first Divine Liturgy in Northfield was celebrated on July 15, 2012.

Now, having welcomed another child into their family, the Macioleks continue to strive to build up Christ’s Holy Church in Northfield by the grace of God, through the prayers of the Three Holy Hierarchs, and the and support of the faithful.