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Our Presentation at Holy Trinity Church in Kansas City

This past Saturday and Sunday we traveled to Holy Trinity Church in Overland Park, KS for a presentation about the Rolla mission effort. Fr. Tim (Sawchak) and everyone there were very welcoming, and we had several encouraging conversations with folks there throughout the weekend.

The trip resulted in one connection with another parish in the area (St. George), whose priest offered us several liturgical items once we get our chapel set up. We also received $40 in donations from Holy Trinity — we had mentioned in the presentation that this visit was more about planting seeds, and the next visit this spring would be about garnering consistent support in the form of a monthly stipend — We also had 20 people sign up for our newsletter, and one fellow who might use us for a new website project of his.  Glory to God!

Something that really struck Tess and me both during our trip was how similar this was to raising support for international missionary work. It’s so encouraging to see how much people want the Church to grow, and how willing everyone was at Holy Trinity to join a more localized missionary effort.

We’ll be traveling back to Kansas City on November 6th for a clergy brotherhood meeting to visit with area clergy and see if folks in their parishes might be interested in supporting us as well. We’re very grateful for the hospitality of everyone at Holy Trinity Church, as well as that of the Brueck family who hosted us!

If you’d like to have us come and speak at your parish, get in touch and invite us here »

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