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We’re not quite ready for volunteers yet, but if this is your thing then get in touch with us so we can call on you when it’s time!

This is not your run-of-the-mill volunteer stint.

Do you know what many of the homes and even some churches in Greece are made from? How about the 500 year-old cottages in England? Give up? The answer: Some form of “cob”, which is essentially clay, straw, and sand.

In the U.S. we’ve moved away from building like this over the last hundred years or so, but our conventional “stick houses” are only built and rated to last for 70 years! On top of that, they’re very costly, take specialized professionals to construct, and show little variation from one to another. Cob, on the other hand, has been shown to last for centuries (yep, even some pyramids in Egypt used a type of cob), is dirt cheap (literally), is simple enough for anyone to understand, and is only limited by imagination.

We’ve been following the “alternative” building movement since 2009 and have grown to appreciate it more and more (especially after sifting out all the yoga hippy stuff).  The way it works in the U.S. is first by attending a workshop to learn the foundational knowledge of a preferred building method (they can be found all over the country), then, going and building.

Where you come in.

So this is what we’re planning on doing:  Host several workshops in Rolla throughout a summer where folks can come and learn how to build with cob, but actually be building up the Church at the same time.  Curious?  Here’s a sample video of how a workshop was conducted in England:

Because of the feasibility, community aspects, and affordability of this method, we’re hoping that the building up of the Church in Rolla might be used as a model for other potential mission starts down the road.  Interested?  Get in touch »