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Please contact us before arranging shipment.  We would like to at least help pay the cost of shipping. 

Do you or your parish have new or lightly used liturgical items, building materials, or office supplies that you would be able to send our way? Please check our wish lists below or contact us to see if it’s something we haven’t thought of yet!

Liturgical Wish List

In order of necessity

  • Vestments & Coverings (Blue, Red, Green, Black, Gold, White)
  • Processional Cross
  • Handwritten or Mounted Icons
  • Analoys
  • Oil Lampadas
  • The Menaion
  • The Octoechos
  • Orthodox Study Bibles
  • Prayer Books
  • STS Liturgy Books
  • Baptismal FontMADE
  • Epitaphios/Plaschanitsa/ShroudMADE
  • Handheld Blessing CrossRECEIVED
  • Matching Area RugsRECEIVED
  • Gospel CoverRECEIVED
  • Altar Tabernacle — RECEIVED
  • Chalice Set (Chalice, diskos, spoon, spear, etc.) — RECEIVED
  • Swinging Censer — RECEIVED

Office Wish List

Thank you.

Though we offer our blessings and thanks to you, God will be the one to truly bless your gift. Please also pray for us when you send your donation, as almsgiving without prayer is known to be ineffective.