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A Quick Update

This week we received names and addresses of four families in the Rolla area who are already Orthodox, and we also met a new couple this past weekend who also lives just 20 minutes from Rolla near Ft. Leonard Wood. Additionally, we received word from a priest in Kansas City that he has a few liturgical items for us, and a priest in St. Louis who has several icons to give to the mission – thank God!

I’ll be back in Kansas City this upcoming week for their area clergy brotherhood meeting where I’m looking forward to making a personal connection with other parishes. In early December, I’ll be traveling to St. Louis for their clergy brotherhood meeting, and will also be tagging along with Fr. Moses Berry when he goes to give a historical and cultural presentation at Waynesville High School (in the Rolla area).

In all of these meetings and presentations, we’re hoping to find parishes (or people) who are able to commit to a monthly stipend toward the mission ($100-$500/mo) for the first year or two so we can get our feet under us (we got word this week that we may have our first participating parish already…)  If you or your parish are able to commit to something like this, you can do so by setting up an automatic recurring donation online here, or by just sending us a check every month. Either way, please get in touch first to let us know it’s something you’d like to do!