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A Late November Update

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever! It’s been some time since we’ve published an update, but there have been several exciting occurrences over the last few weeks:

  • We’ve received two new small web contracts from folks who have web projects to complete but also want to help the mission effort.
  • We made a presentation and received positive feedback and donations from a parish in Indiana.
  • We’ve been given many more liturgical items, and received a beautiful (and very expensive) altar tabernacle from a parish in Pennsylvania.
  • We also now have two parishes (and one other interested) who have committed to a small stipend for the mission throughout our first year!
  • Most importantly though, we have now met with seven families who are already Orthodox in (or very near) Rolla, and all have expressed interest in having the Church come to Rolla; nearly all have also expressed how impractical it is to travel three to four hours every weekend for a round trip to the closest Orthodox parish.

It’s very encouraging to see how God is opening doors and presenting new opportunities to bring the Church to Rolla. We still have yet to find a place but we’re hoping to begin holding services in Rolla in January. For the time being though, I’ll be traveling to St. Louis this coming Tuesday to meet the clergy brotherhood there, and hopefully to connect with those they may know in the Rolla area.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has joined us in this mission effort already. Please pray specifically that God will provide a place for us to begin holding services in January.

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  1. Glory to God for all things! My parents, whom we visit several times a year, live 30 minutes from Rolla. Until now, visiting them has meant no vigil or liturgy unless we drive 2.5 hours one way. We are praying for this mission to take root and grow, and we will certainly be visiting you all in the future!

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